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Get published, build your readership, and sell books!

As a writer, surely you love to write. And hopefully you're hard at work on your latest book. But if you're like many other writers, you dread that moment when it comes time to actually promote that book and try to sell copies. And to make matters worse, you might not even know where to start when it comes to self-publishing.

This is exactly why I created MyDreamBookTeam. Obviously, you want your finished book to be of the highest quality, because that affects your reputation as an author. So I made it easy to find talented, reliable publishing professionals to help you with any aspect of your book, from writing help to manuscript critique to copy editing to cover design. You'll find editors, graphic artists, coaches, and more—folks who know the publishing business and will help make your book shine.

Every dollar you spend gets you points that you can use to advertise your book.

Haven't finished writing yet? That's what Race to The End is for. You'll be a part of a group of authors with one goal: finishing their first drafts and typing "The End" on their novels. There's a Race starting soon so be sure to check it out.

Sign up today and add your book. Even if you're still working on it (in fact, especially if you're still working on it), you've got the support you need to get it done, make it look great, and most importantly, reap the financial and professional rewards of solid book sales.

Welcome to MyDreamBookTeam, where self-publishing is actually fun, and may feel more like getting signed with a New York publishing house.

I can't wait to see what you create here! Please drop me a line if you have any questions that are not addressed in the FAQ below.

Timothy Pike, founder

What is MyDreamBookTeam?

It's a place where authors and freelance publishing professionals meet. Publishing houses employ teams of professional editors, cover designers, and print specialists. But for the self-publisher, it's not always easy to find reliable, talented people to help. But MyDreamBookTeam makes it easy to find help, and pick one pro—or assemble an entire "Dream Team"—to help you get your book done right. Browse freelancers

How do I get started?

If you're an author, you start by signing up, then browsing our directory for the right service provider to help you.

If you're a service provider, first sign up here then add your services. If a client requests a quote through this site, you'll start earning points once the job is underway, which you can then use to advertise your services even further.

Why should I join?

Authors will immediately see the benefits: Service providers will also see the benefits:
  • The freedom to communicate and work out an agreement with your client off-site, and on your terms
  • An in-house portfolio that builds itself as more authors advertise their completed projects while giving you credit for work you've done
  • Your expertise is highly valued in this hyper-targeted pool of potential clients, in an environment that is all about books and publishing
  • Totally free to be listed and searchable. You pay nothing until you get work, and then a nominal listing fee is assessed.
  • See at a glance all the authors who are seeking the services you offer, and contact them with bids or estimates
  • Any listing fees you've paid turn into points for advertising your services to our mailing list of 700+ authors

What if I haven't even started writing my book yet?

Even better! Our directory boasts freelance professionals who can help you with every stage of your book, including planning your story. From developmental editing to writing coaching to publishing, you have help at every turn. Here, you can easily find quality coaches and mentors, even services that help you promote your book once it's on the market.

How do I get free advertising for my book?

When you hire a service provider through MyDreamBookTeam, you get one point for every dollar spent with that service provider. When the time comes, you can apply those points to your book to advertise it to our readers. Join now to add your book

How do I get points?

Authors and service providers earn points in slightly different ways. Here's how it breaks down:

Authors earn points by hiring service providers. For every dollar you spend with a service provider, you get one point. These points are added to your point balance as soon as a job is marked as completed.

Service providers earn points by paying listing fees. While there is no charge simply to be listed in our searchable directory, when you do get work you'll be responsible for paying a listing fee. Those fees are converted into points (1 point per $), and added to your point balance.

How does hiring a service provider work?

In MyDreamBookTeam world, there are service providers—freelance professionals who provide writing, editing, and publishing services—and authors, those who are seeking such services. You'll initially register as one or the other, but here's something cool: you can use the same account to be both an author and a service provider.

A project is another name for your book. You can create as many projects as you like, and when you finish with one, guess what? It doesn't get deleted, it gets promoted! The points you earn (1 point per $) by hiring service providers can be applied to your project to advertise it on the site.

If you hire a service provider to, say, design your book cover, that's called a job. Multiple jobs can be associated with a project. So if, in addition to the book cover, you hired a writing coach, that's two jobs associated with your project.

Points are the icing on the cake. Authors earn one point for every dollar spent with a service provider. Service providers earn one point for every dollar paid in listing fees. Authors can apply those points to their projects to promote them, and service providers can use points to advertise their services. It's a win-win!

Can I afford to self-publish?

Here's the thing: if your book is accepted by a publishing house, while they do shoulder the costs of publication, they also keep 85–90% of the proceeds for the rest of eternity. But when you self-publish, even though you have to shell out some dough up front, you'll get to keep the lion's share of the sales forever! That upfront cost can pay for itself, sometimes quite handsomely.

What is the Recommendation Program?

If you are impressed with a service provider's work, participate in the Recommendation Program! It's easy.

Post this link anywhere:

http://www.mydreambookteam.com/(your username)/recommends/(their username)

That's it. If someone clicks this link and hires that service provider, that service provider will pay you 1% of the total job cost as a "finder's fee" once the job is finished, as long as he or she is also participating in the Recommendation Program. And it's all conveniently done through PayPal.

If you use the Acknowledgements feature, a recommendation link is automatically created, so if someone finds a service provider through your project page, you'll be eligible for a 1% payout!

How do I acknowledge the work a service provider did on my book?

That's what our Acknowledgements feature is for! From your dashboard, click on your project to get to your project page. On the left side, underneath your cover image, you'll see links to add acknowledgements for the service providers you've worked with. The links will take you to a screen with checkboxes to select the services that were provided. These "credits" will then show up for anyone looking at your project page.

If both you and the service provider participate in the Recommendation Program, the acknowledgements will double as links that will earn you a referral if anyone clicks on it.

How do I list my services?

You can start displaying the services you offer right on your profile by first adding a service. When you add a service, you'll also be prompted to add a pricing level, which is the first tier of your service. Each service can support multiple pricing levels, more of which can be added at any time by clicking "Add a pricing level" on your profile.

How do I, uh...log out?

Lol. At the bottom of this page.

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